Sunday January 28th

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What we love baking.. At Blue Velvet



Authentic Italian pizza and other artisan baked goods made by experienced hands, using a wholesome mixture of premium & unrefined flours topped with the best seasonal local produce.



An array of delicious desserts made from scratch in-house daily, along with a selection of  “healthy” options that will leave you craving for more.


Home of the “BIGA” method

We use Stoneground flour for our pizza dough at Blue Velvet. The Biga ferments naturally in our leavening chamber for a whole day, then the remaining ingredients are added. 

The maturation process takes roughly 72 hours to complete, making the dough super easy to digest enhancing its organoleptic properties.


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  • ciabatta 2
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  • rustici
  • Organic Tea with matching biscuits
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